Wednesday, October 28, 2009

policykit configuration

I installed ubuntu 9.04 on my cousine's machine along side of windows. When I try to access windows (ntfs) partition it ask me for root password everytime to mount them. This can easily disabled by changing few settings in polocykit. Go to System->Administration -> Authorisations and search for mount

Than add appropriate user to allow list. In constrains either select none.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Drupal 7 preview

i installed latest development snapshot of Drupal 7. I found that a lot things have been changed. Whole core is rewritten with PHP 5.2 as base to utilize improvements done in language, like pdo, better timezone handling, etc and few important modules have been moved to core.
Database layer is rewritten using pdo, now it supports more databases.jquery ui is added to core. cck and jqury plugin manager is moved into core.
Seven is the new admin theme, it is single column theme. 1st september was expected to be release date of beta of Drupal 7 but there is a lot work still remain to do.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

windows 7 rc in virtual box

I'm running windows 7 rc in virtual box.win7 rc seems to be well polished, there are alot things which looks similar to kde4, but they are well funished. Win7 is runnig very smooth even without guest tools.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mono is extending .net

As part of our ongoing Embrace and Extend.NET series (SIMD, supercomputing), today I wanted to talk about the Mono.Tasklets library that has just landed on Mono's repository.
This library will become part of the Mono 2.6 release.
Mono.Tasklets is the Mono-team supported mechanism for doing continuations, microthreading and coroutines in the ISO CLI. It is based on Tomi Valkeinen's excellent work on co-routines for Mono.
Unlike the work that we typically do in Mono which is pure C# and will work out of the box in .NET (even our Mono.SIMD code will work on .NET, it will just run a lot slower) Mono.Tasklets requires changes to the VM that are not portable to other ISO CLI implementations.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Colomanager : first release of my open source project

Color Manager is color palatte management application. It is very useful for designers, specially web designers. It let you create a palatte for each project. It store data in xml file.
This application is alpha stage, So don't expect it to work smoothly.

Curretly I'm working on this only during holidays, so development will be slow. This application is written some time back. I'm thinking about rewritting this application using .Net 3.5 .

Current 0.1 version is basd on .net 2.0. All future versions will based on 3.5.

Your comments and feedbacks are welcome.

Monday, March 16, 2009

opensuse repair is awesome

I installed OpenSuse 11.1 on my machine. I have done kde4/kde3/gnome installation. It takes about 40-45 minutes. After instaltion I installed Nvidia driver, nvidia driver has installed new kernel (containing trace in name). When I changed boot order to make trace default kernel, grub is installed on root partition than MBR, so my system become unbootable.
I got only 2 days of holidays. I come to know abt this problem after I returned to my work city (Indore) from Home (Khandwa). So I could not fix the problem. So I have to fix it via phone. My brother booted the system with Opensuse 11.1 dvd. My brother is not very technical person but he is advace-level PC user. We have never used recover/rescue installed system option. We selected automated recovery mode. It first checks all partitions and packages, all of them found is good state, setup found error boot loader configuration, we loaded boot loader configuration from disk and found that grub is installed on root partition instead of MBR. We changed the location to MBR and installed. Repairer ( repaire mode installer) still shows boot loader configuration error. We decided to ignore and reboot the system. After reboot everything is on properplace. It is so easy. My brother get surprised to see how simple to fix the linux installtion.
OpenSuse team has done a great job.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 things Linux does better than OS X

10 things Linux does better than OS X | 10 Things |
OS X is heralded for its friendliness, but according to Jack Wallen, it falls short in many other respects. Find out why he says Linux is superior in everything from flexibility to portability to cost.

It may sound strange, seeing as how OS X is based on a Linux variant and is widely considered to be the most user-friendly operating system available, but Linux does a number of things better than everyone’s favorite iOperatingSystem. Before you shun the thought, read on. You might be surprised at your resulting opinion.
  1. Flexibility
  2. Open source
  3. Command line
  4. Hardware requirements
  5. Security
  6. Portability
  7. Cost
  8. More available software
  9. Not so dumbed-down
  10. Keyboard efficiency

Sunday, March 08, 2009

10 ways to go green with Linux

10 ways to go green with Linux | 10 Things |
From reduced packaging to energy savings to extended equipment lifecycles, Linux can help you green up your tech environment. Jack Wallen looks at some of the eco-friendly benefits of running Linux.

If you’re not beginning to think green, you’re a release behind. In today’s world you have to think green. But how do you do that without installing a roof of solar panels? If you are using (or thinking of using) Linux, you’re one step ahead of the competition.

In this article, you will find 10 solid ways to start thinking green in your IT department. It’s responsible, it’s smart, and it’ll save you money and time on this great planet.

  1. Reduced landfill
  2. Powertop
  3. Netbooks
  4. Zonbu
  5. Money savings
  6. Less energy-demanding desktops
  7. Custom-compiled kernel
  8. Kpowersave, ACPI, and other power-saving tools
  9. Migration from Windows Server
  10. Only the daemons you need to run

10 things Linux does better than Windows

10 things Linux does better than Windows | 10 Things |
If you tallied up the strengths and weaknesses of Linux and Windows, which OS would come out ahead? According to Jack Wallen, superiority in security, flexibility, interoperability, community, and command-line power (among other things) put Linux well ahead. See if you agree with his assessment.

Throughout my 10+ years of using Linux, I have heard about everything that Windows does better than Linux. So I thought it time to shoot back and remind everyone of what Linux does better than Windows. Of course, being the zealot that I am, I could list far more than 10 items. But I will stick with the theme and list only what I deem to be the 10 areas where Linux not only does better than Windows but blows it out of the water

#1: TCO

#2: Desktop

#3: Server

#4: Security

#5: Flexibility

#6: Package management

#7: Community

#8: Interoperability

#9: Command line

#10: Evolution

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my test report using Sunspider benchmark

Sunspider is a javascript benchmark, it is used to test performance of
your browser.
I run sunspider bench mark test report on my machine. here are the results

firefox 3.0.6

If you want to run this test on your browser, go to this link.

Monday, January 26, 2009

open suse11.1

installation is pretty smooth. This time i decided to  for default Kde4 installtion, no customisation, I did this to get system up and running as early as possible. Package installtion takes 10 min which good. Ubuntu also takes 10 minues.

Booting is fast (same as 11.0). All me hardware is detcted and configured properly.system wors quite smoothly. kde4 loads faster than kde3. flash provided with distro is 32 bit. so I download 64 bit flash player. I also tried to install 64-bit jre (update 12 preview) but it did not work for me,(let me know how to make it work).
Kde 4 included is quite workable. I used for 2 days and find stable. There are some features missing in kde, like info bar in konqi.
kde4.2 will be out in few days.
Gnome is also works except few gliches. I miss class application menu in gnome. Shut down and restart did not work as expected, they just log me out of current session.

Queen Rania: what's happening in Gaza is a crisis of human dignity

Queen Rania: what's happening in Gaza is a crisis of human dignity