Sunday, May 31, 2009

windows 7 rc in virtual box

I'm running windows 7 rc in virtual box.win7 rc seems to be well polished, there are alot things which looks similar to kde4, but they are well funished. Win7 is runnig very smooth even without guest tools.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mono is extending .net

As part of our ongoing Embrace and Extend.NET series (SIMD, supercomputing), today I wanted to talk about the Mono.Tasklets library that has just landed on Mono's repository.
This library will become part of the Mono 2.6 release.
Mono.Tasklets is the Mono-team supported mechanism for doing continuations, microthreading and coroutines in the ISO CLI. It is based on Tomi Valkeinen's excellent work on co-routines for Mono.
Unlike the work that we typically do in Mono which is pure C# and will work out of the box in .NET (even our Mono.SIMD code will work on .NET, it will just run a lot slower) Mono.Tasklets requires changes to the VM that are not portable to other ISO CLI implementations.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Colomanager : first release of my open source project

Color Manager is color palatte management application. It is very useful for designers, specially web designers. It let you create a palatte for each project. It store data in xml file.
This application is alpha stage, So don't expect it to work smoothly.

Curretly I'm working on this only during holidays, so development will be slow. This application is written some time back. I'm thinking about rewritting this application using .Net 3.5 .

Current 0.1 version is basd on .net 2.0. All future versions will based on 3.5.

Your comments and feedbacks are welcome.