Sunday, March 08, 2009

10 things Linux does better than Windows

10 things Linux does better than Windows | 10 Things |
If you tallied up the strengths and weaknesses of Linux and Windows, which OS would come out ahead? According to Jack Wallen, superiority in security, flexibility, interoperability, community, and command-line power (among other things) put Linux well ahead. See if you agree with his assessment.

Throughout my 10+ years of using Linux, I have heard about everything that Windows does better than Linux. So I thought it time to shoot back and remind everyone of what Linux does better than Windows. Of course, being the zealot that I am, I could list far more than 10 items. But I will stick with the theme and list only what I deem to be the 10 areas where Linux not only does better than Windows but blows it out of the water

#1: TCO

#2: Desktop

#3: Server

#4: Security

#5: Flexibility

#6: Package management

#7: Community

#8: Interoperability

#9: Command line

#10: Evolution

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