Tuesday, August 01, 2006

AMD buy ATI : what does this means for nVidia

From past few years nVidia and AMD are very good partners, even there is roumer on the net that nVidia might buy AMD.
I think this is not the right move by AMD because of this AMD might get away from nVidia (and closer to Intel) which is definately is not good. Also nVidia is a better platform provider for AMD than ATI. This time AMD has to make sure Nvidia might get away from them and AMD has to give more information to Nvidia than before.

After this Nvidia will give equal priority both AMD and Intel and they also have to look for other option for innovation. There is one more option for Nvidia, which not in current scenario is to "build processor based on power architecture of IBM." Power architecture is used my Apple, now Apple has witched to Intel, IBM might be looking for partner to sell Power based processors. IBM is promoting Power architecture as open source processor architecture through power.org. Nvidia has two options while using power architecture, first is use processor as its and second is to modify it according to their requirement. I believe Nvidia must achoose first option. Which also help them to maintain compatibility with other power derivatives.