Tuesday, May 06, 2008

open Suse 11.0 beta 1 report

I have downloaded the beta 1 DVD (64bit) of OpenSuse 11.0, it takes 1 week for me (in central India) to download whole DVD. Till then beta 2 is arrived.
Installation on quite fast. I have installed kde3,kde4,lamp server and mono development, it takes 25 minute for package installation and in 30 minute my system is ready to use. Installation is quite fast. My fedora 8 installation (replace kde4 with gnome) takes more than 40 minutes to install. OpenSuse installer looks beautiful. the best thing abt installer that it offer choieces between kde3,kde4 and gnome. I it is good to give choice for kde3 because there are many application that are not ported to kde4 and also in kde4 desktop is changed very much so some people will take time to adjust with it.

Booting also quite fast. I logged in kde4. performance is quite good. kde4 is quite usable. I have used system for some time. I find beta version in good shape.
There are some bug like plasma applets crashes on logout.

It comes with flash and java preinstalled, that is what most of the people want (i'm not able to configure flash with 64 bit firefox in fedora8). It saves alot of time of user to configure newly installed system.although java applets ar not workingm even after installing 23 bit java. I hope this will be fixed in final release. among other things system is quite optimized. It look pretty even with vesa driver (no nvidia driver for 2.6.25 kernel- right now). yast package installer already listed some additional repos including packman.

Last Note: OpenSuse 11.0 seem very close to my dream desktop os.