Monday, March 16, 2009

opensuse repair is awesome

I installed OpenSuse 11.1 on my machine. I have done kde4/kde3/gnome installation. It takes about 40-45 minutes. After instaltion I installed Nvidia driver, nvidia driver has installed new kernel (containing trace in name). When I changed boot order to make trace default kernel, grub is installed on root partition than MBR, so my system become unbootable.
I got only 2 days of holidays. I come to know abt this problem after I returned to my work city (Indore) from Home (Khandwa). So I could not fix the problem. So I have to fix it via phone. My brother booted the system with Opensuse 11.1 dvd. My brother is not very technical person but he is advace-level PC user. We have never used recover/rescue installed system option. We selected automated recovery mode. It first checks all partitions and packages, all of them found is good state, setup found error boot loader configuration, we loaded boot loader configuration from disk and found that grub is installed on root partition instead of MBR. We changed the location to MBR and installed. Repairer ( repaire mode installer) still shows boot loader configuration error. We decided to ignore and reboot the system. After reboot everything is on properplace. It is so easy. My brother get surprised to see how simple to fix the linux installtion.
OpenSuse team has done a great job.

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