Monday, January 26, 2009

open suse11.1

installation is pretty smooth. This time i decided to  for default Kde4 installtion, no customisation, I did this to get system up and running as early as possible. Package installtion takes 10 min which good. Ubuntu also takes 10 minues.

Booting is fast (same as 11.0). All me hardware is detcted and configured properly.system wors quite smoothly. kde4 loads faster than kde3. flash provided with distro is 32 bit. so I download 64 bit flash player. I also tried to install 64-bit jre (update 12 preview) but it did not work for me,(let me know how to make it work).
Kde 4 included is quite workable. I used for 2 days and find stable. There are some features missing in kde, like info bar in konqi.
kde4.2 will be out in few days.
Gnome is also works except few gliches. I miss class application menu in gnome. Shut down and restart did not work as expected, they just log me out of current session.

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