Monday, March 10, 2008

Mono/Qt and Nokia/Trolltech

I used to do some Qt/C++ development few years back. Qt4 has grown very much since than.

It think it is very difficult to integrate Qt designer in Monodevelop
which is Gtk based. I never seen an GTk application which host Qt/Kde
controls and vice - versa.

Now Trolltech is part of now part of Nokia. Nokia is very much
interested in Mono. They have ported mono to their mobile platform.

I think we should Nokia/Trolltech guys for either start a project
similar to QtJambi (Qt for java) or something like that. Both mono and
Qt are crucial for Nokia. I expect they will come up some thing soon.

One thing I am worrying that how much priority they will give to desktop.
Lets see.

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