Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cartoon of prophet

Danish newspapers again published again cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (peace upon him).

They call it "freedom of speech". I don't understand there definition freedom. As much as I know freedom means to do any thing without hurting anybody.
Cartoon is an art to entertain the people. It is very creative thing. But they used it do the destructive thing. How bad their mentality is.

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  1. The Danish might've drawn cartoons of the Prophet but the Americans have made fun of Mother Mary in popular media such as "Southpark". It's high time people realise that such trivial things need to be tolerated and not taken too seriously. Taking such things too seriously only tends to hurt us. Similar feelings were portrayed by the Hindu fundamentalists when M. F. Hussain drew naked pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Now, how in the world does anyone know if these Gods/Goddesses actually wear clothes at all? Ignorance + Intolerance = Bad Idea. If you recall an infamous incident way back in '94 in Afghanistan, the Taliban(?) destroyed an ancient Huge statue of Buddha. Now something of such historic importance, if not religious, was destroyed just because of intolerance. In my honest opinion, tolerance will take us a long way. And correcting mistakes within is the first step towards correcting mistakes outside of us.

    (I ended up at your blog from your comment on distrowatch weekly BTW)