Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ideas - Better interface for yast services module

Here I'm posting an Idea to improve the interface to services module of Yast. Yast is the control panel like application in OpenSuse Linux. Yast is superb piece of software, I would say it is one of the best control panel among all OS available.

The current services configuration module is not very user friendly, even simple mode is very confusion for the first time users. Other distributions have much better interface. We can borrow few things from other distros. Ubuntu services manager (USM) - The interface is too simple, does not show service running status. System-config-service (SCS) - The interface is user friendly, separate tabs for background services and on demand service, large area for description and status. Windows - Shows service status in list, option for delay start of services.

I think we take few things each of theme. We can use USM interface for simple mode and SCS for advanced mode.

Yast is a superb control panel application but not cool, now we should make it the coolest app so OpenSuse become much more easy to use OS.
Basic mode should look this

Advance mode should look this

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