Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why premerital romance is wrong

It said in all religions that man and women should not get
close(intimate or have affairs) before marriage. If there is any rule
has been made specially in religion, there must be some very strong
reasons abt that .Let me tell you why having affair is wrong,

  • most of us believes that first love is true love, if u fall in
    love with your marriage partner after marriage, than u already got ur
    true love.
  • Love is most precious thing save it. Don't vest it here and there.
  • Most of people's heart is broken in love. Their life get
    derailed, they become hopeless, some go the wrong and some even end
    their life. After marriage this chance is very low.
  • If you already know ur marriage partner before marriage than there is very little surprises left abt each other after marriage.
  • people in affairs thinks that their partner will accept as you are now, but a lot things changed after marriage, you have to change ur self, this is where the problem starts.
  • People vest a lot of time in dating- going to park, spending time there, returning. If somebody interrupts - mess up of beautiful time, also fear or hardliners. After marriage u don't need to go anywhere, u can spend as much time as like romancing.
  • hind-> ladki ke alwa aur bhi bohot logon ko patana padta hai, like father, brother. ladki ke 50 deewano (might be more depends on gender ratio of ur region), unse bhi to bachana padta hai.
these few reasons why premarital romance is wrong.

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